How Penguins Breed

Who doesn’t know penguin animals that are unique in how animals adapt to their environment? This cute, black and white animal is an animal that can only live in very cold air like the South Pole, animals that love to live in groups are the favorite animals and are often used as imitation figures in various films or cartoons of children because they are considered to have behavior which is funny and entertaining.

Penguin animal is one of the animals from the family aves or birds. Like other birds, penguins do not breed by laying eggs, my friend. But there is something unique about the process of breeding this penguin animal. Anything? let’s see more in the following review of How Penguins Breed.

Pingun only lay 1 egg

After mating, usually female penguins only lay one egg that has the characteristics of spawning animals. After a female penguin lays its eggs, then a male penguin will incubate its eggs, unlike other birds incubated by females. Penguins generally lay eggs in the winter so at that time it was quite difficult to find food.

Incubated by male

So, go female penguins looking for food while male penguins incubate eggs as a role of mammals for life. This egg incubation process takes 2 months. During the process of incubating the eggs, male penguins do not eat at all because they cannot leave the eggs and during winter food is not available. Isn’t it amazing, friend, sacrifice?

Eggs must be kept so as not to freeze

Eggs that are not properly maintained or experience an increase in temperature due to cold weather, can freeze and potential baby penguin animals can die within minutes. After two months of fasting, male penguins will even lose a third of their body weight.

The eggs are incubated with colonies

During the incubation period, male penguins will form a colony with other male penguins. Each male penguin carries an egg between his legs. By forming colonies, they can maintain the temperature of the eggs together so that the eggs are safer. The penguins also keep the penguins from the penguins located on the outside of the colony, and they will take turns moving so that the heat is evenly distributed.

Food is given by females

After two months incubating and about to hatch, these eggs will then be taken over by female penguins that have returned from looking for food. Female penguins will store their food in the cache so that their bodies become larger than their original size.

Males and females meet when chicks hatch

How do female penguins find their mates and eggs among the male penguin animal colonies? Penguin animals are animals that are loyal to their partners, buddy. They can recognize their partner only by their song or voice. That’s how they meet each other again after months of separation so that there won’t be a pair of penguins exchanged with each other and no confused male and female penguins looking for their eggs.

Likewise with penguin baby animals, they can recognize their parents from their voices. Each penguin animal has a distinctive sound that distinguishes it from other penguin animals. Usually penguin eggs hatch when early spring. Ice ice has begun to melt so that it forms water holes, from which penguins can hunt fish for food.

Egg laying only occurs in winter

The reason why penguins lay eggs in the winter is because if they lay eggs in the summer, small penguins will be born in the winter and at that time food is difficult to obtain so it is difficult to find food for the small penguin animal. Turns out how to breed is unique and impressive, buddy?

Thus the author can convey, hopefully it can be useful insight into animal biology, friend, see you in the next article, thank you.